“Following the release of the research, Instagram said that the research also shows how much Instagram is committed to solving the complex and difficult issues facing the platform.”

“At a time when officials and politicians around the world are struggling to legislate on social media, the BBC has spoken to five users about their experiences using Instagram.”

Get in touch with people:


According to him, hateful comments are very ugly.

According to him, “I felt that Instagram is bad for people who have a tendency to get too addicted to something.” It (Instagram) evokes the same feeling that makes you want to use it more.


Hannah spends six to ten hours a day on social media. They have had access to social media since adolescence.

Hannah Ayre, a 24-year-old student at the University of Scotland, has accounts on all major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and TickTalk.

Toxic environment:


Scarlett and Anisa, two students at the Hornsey School for Girls in south London, told the they were well aware of the dangers of social media.

Scarlett is 15 years old and uses all social media platforms except Facebook. Regarding Facebook, he thinks that it is not for people his age.

Anisa is also 15 years old and she too has started following her own accounts to avoid negative comments.

I’ve seen a lot of cooking videos and I’ve learned a lot from online videos,” says Scarlett. There are also accounts that have a lot to learn. Not everyone is bad. Negative accounts, however, have pushed positive accounts into the background.

Social free:

I like social media to some extent because all my friends use it and sometimes I feel like I’m out of this circle,” he said. However, I am also aware of its negative side. I’ve heard a lot of stories from friends who get nasty pictures and scary videos … People my age should not receive such material.

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